Saturday, January 16, 2010

my little superheros

lately bubba and pooks have been obsessed with superheros. they love to have me tie on a blanket on them and they run around the entire house saying things like ''to the wescue'' and ''i save you mommy''. they absolutely love it. and i love it! it's great seeing their imaginations at work, saying things like ''teamwork'' and pretending to save their youngest brother. even watching pooks climb up onto the sofa only to jump off again is cute.

the fact that bubba feels the need to wear his glasses while he's a superhero is adorable (he wears them because he doesn't have a mask, apparently).

wanna know what isn't cute and fun about this whole superhero fetish? tying and retying the blanket every 2.6 seconds per kid. it doesn't matter if i'm cooking dinner, changing pooks...they need it fixed and they need it fixed now!

after searching etsy and finding capes for $20 each (plus shipping) i realized that while $20 isn't bad, for 2 capes we're looking at $40 just so i don't have to re-tie a blanket? i think not.

so folks, it's that time again. much like the aprons and the i-spy bags i'm going to bust out my sewing machine and (as pooks says all the time) just "do it all by myself." i already have it all planned out in my head as to how i'm going to do it and i'm planning on running to jo-ann's tomorrow to get the fabric. i'm thinking either a satin or a polyester satiny type (which might be easier for this amateur to sew).

i'll hopefully have something worthy of sharing in a couple days!


  1. hey, just sew some Velcro onto what your already using.


  2. So cute! Can't wait to see (what I'm sure will be adorable) capes for the boys. They are going to love those :)


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