Monday, October 26, 2009

i spy with my little eye...

...a few homemade Christmas gifts for the kiddos! so far i've made bubba and pooks "i-spy" bags. these are basically a bean bag with a viewing window. it's filled with clear pellets and novelty buttons and small objects. a kiddo (or grown up!) can sift through the bag, looking through the window, and find the hidden objects. because each kid has one (with the exact same thing inside) they can even race to see who can find something first. i plan on keeping them in the car to use at restaurants, doctors offices, long car rides, haircuts, etc.
here is pooks (each kiddo picked out their own fabric)
and bubba's. apparently he's a bit of a rocker...skulls and all(i finished bubba's later and the lighting in this pic sucks, but you get the idea)
and the backside has a panel with a 'key' on it
i chose to take a picture including each item rather than make a list since the boys aren't reading yet. i was super excited to print directly on the fabric. there are over 35 things inside! different little things, charms, buttons, odds and ends and lastly letter beads that spell their names.
the great part is, they are very cheap cost effective to make. i purchased 1/3 of a yard of each fabric and that amount will actually make 6 bags. hello the fabric only cost $2 (each)! the little knick-knack things weren't very expensive either, i found a ton of buttons/charms on clearance at the craft store and the other stuff around the house. who doesn't have nuts, paperclips, zipper, buttons, straws, stickers, etc?

so now i just have to resist giving it to them before christmas! i also have 3-4 more to make for gifts but they are easy peasy. i made both of these during nap time today!
okay and on a completely unrelated note, i have to share our fun "spooky halloween" dinner that we had tonight-
how stinking cute is that? little mummy dogs with fries, spiderweb ketchup and broccoli w/cheese. bubba inhaled his but pooks just picked off all the crescent roll strips and left the hotdog. (peanut feasted on leftover pasta, crescent strips and the broccoli) oh well, it was cute!


  1. Love the I-Spy bags! You're so crafty!

  2. Shannon- can I pay you to make me a couple for the girls? :) Honestly, I have wanted to make these forever, but I can't sew!!

  3. I love your ideas! I showed Jay the Mummy hotdogs. I said, "Look, they are mummies" and she said, "and daddies!" I guess she doesn't know what a mummy is yet!

  4. Shannon you are SO creative!! I always love seeing the cool things you come up with for your boys! :)

  5. I stumbled across your blog from Amber's....and I HAVE to did you make those I-Spy bags???? That is a fantastic idea!


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