Monday, July 6, 2009

who used the big boy potty today?

POOKS that's who! actually if you want to get technical (oh and trust me, I will!) he went pee-pee on the potty saturday night, sunday night, this morning when he woke up and tonight before and after his bath. what a big boy! i am so excited and thrilled at the idea of him being potty trained, it's like not even funny. i realize we still have quite the road in front of us (after he pee's he doesn't want undies or a pull-up only a diaper) but i am excited that he is showing so much interest already. he just turned two in may! he loves it when we all cheer for him so i think as long as we keep getting really proud of him and getting really excited when he goes, he'll keep it up.oh and remember last week when i mentioned that peanut had TWO teeth pop up? well they are finally through the gums enough to see when he smiles. what a cutie!
and a close up!
in that same post last week, i also left off saying i was going to work on some craft projects. well i'm doing the finishing touches to my apron (i ran out of bias tape if you must know) but rather spur of the moment i decided to make the boys aprons as well. they love to help me cook and they have their own pretend kitchen so i figured they would really like having aprons. well i was half right. bubba loves his. adores it, wants to wear it and show it off. pooks however has worn his once. he left it on for about 2 minutes and then pulled it off. hopefully it will grow on him. what's even more intriguing is the fact that to make both aprons, i only spent $1.67 (on a remnant of fabric) and that was so i could jazz it up with a "Cars" decoration. holla!
the fronts
(bubba's has a blue neck ribbon and pooks a red ribbon)
and they are reversible
bubba happily modeling his
using them today while ''helping'' me make meatloaf
and the coolest part? i seriously made both aprons during naptime from start to finish. so we're talking 2 fully finished aprons in less than 2 hours. pretty kick ass if i say so myself!


  1. You need to get a picture of Bubba in his apron making the tow-matter face, like he was the other day. That kid is hilarious!

  2. How cute! Looks like you all had fun for the fourth and love those little aprons. You are so creative!


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  4. WTG Pooks with the potty, that is awesome! The aprons look great you do amazing work. Peanut is getting too big too fast.


    Those 'things' definitely do not qualify as teeth. Not yet. Sorry.
    Stay hopeful.


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