Saturday, May 1, 2010

DIY Stroller Handle for "Big" Siblings

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Now that peanut is bigger and I'm pregnant again, we aren't baby-wearing very often. When the straps tighten across your lower abdomen/hips and you already feel the need to pee 500 times a day--well, let's just say it's not pleasant. So as a result, we usually end up using the stroller on walks, at zoos, the mall, etc. Peanut rides in the stroller and his not so big brothers walk along side. Usually this works really well. The older boys know better than to walk too far ahead and most of the time, they hold on to the side of the stroller. Which in theory sounds great. But in reality it means that about every 10 feet, a little shoe gets in front of one of the stroller wheels and someone gets their foot ran over, or pulls the stroller in their direction, or peanut get's flung forwards a bit, etc.

I needed something that could attach to the stroller for them to hold onto. So, this is what I came up with at 10pm on the night before I needed it. (We're going to "the city" tomorrow and probably the zoo where if crowded, I'll make them hold on to the stroller).

Step 1:
First, I took two links and taped the opening shut with some tape. I used electrical because it's all I could find; duct tape would probably work great too. You'll need one link for each handle (Hence why I have 2)
Step 2:
Then take a piece of elastic and sew it into a circle, a bit smaller than the link. Again, one for each handle.
Now because I'm anal and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making things, I chose to join the two using some leftover, super cute fabric. To cut to the chase and make things easier, I'm sure you could use 1-inch wide grosgrain ribbon. If you go the ribbon route, skip to Step 8.
Step 3:
Measure a piece of fabric approximately 4inches wide by 22 inches in length. (if only making one handle, 4x11 is okay) Iron it flat.

Step 4:
Cut out your piece, then fold in half, wrong side up. Press flat. (I have 2 because I was making 2 handles)
Step 5:
Sew the long open side, shut. Make sure to leave both ends open!
Step 6:
Now pull the fabric through itself so it's right-side out.

Step 7:
Press flat, again. You should now have one long piece, about 22 inches long.
Step 8:
Decide how long you want each handle then add about 2.5 inches to that number. I wanted my handles to stick about 8 inches out from the stroller (to avoid running over little feet), so I cut at 11 inches. (this is when I realized that I wouldn't need that second piece of fabric after all. I could simply make 2 handles from the 22 inch length)
*If using ribbon, measure and cut, then follow the rest of the directions.*
Step 9:
Place the link at one end, folding over one side of the fabric until it completely covers the link with little room to sew.
Step 10:
Sew fabric, securing the link inside. I used a few straight stitches as well as several zig-zag stitches, reversing to secure. (I did this...a lot. I don't want pooks pulling the link off of the fabric).
Step 11:
Now take your elastic loop and do the same, securing it to the other end of the fabric in the exact same manner.
and then....tada, you are finished:
Step 11:
Now it doesn't look like much but just wait. Attach to stroller, looping the elastic to a secure spot and pulling snugly.
The boys now have a safe, secure and best part TOTALLY FREE handle. From start to finish, from finding elastic to folding the up stroller, took an hour and a half.  And it even matches. ;)


  1. Shann you are officially "Super-Mom." I love how creative you are!

  2. You are so stinkin' creative! Love it! :)

  3. Oooooo, this is super, super smart! I wish I had thought of it years ago. My youngest is three (making my oldest 7) and they still get in the way of the stroller all the time! Crazy kids! That, and they are always stepping on my toes.

    Thanks for linking up at Craftastical!

    (PS I love your blog design! :D )

  4. this is a great idea!! thank you for sharing! we don't use our stroller much anymore, but I'm still going to make one to use with grocery carts, my three year old drives me nuts when we're out getting groceries

  5. I have done this with ribbon as well. I initially made the little straps to keep toys/cups/ etc from falling and then realized they worked great for this reason. (only I had the ribbon snap onto itself on both ends) These can also be attached to purse/diaper bag handles to keep close when in parking lots, etc. :)