Saturday, August 20, 2011


 Remember before, back in June when I was wanting to tackle a furniture makeover project? Well, I finally found a piece of furniture to redo. I've been looking mind occasional garage sale, craig's list, but I haven't found a piece that ''spoke'' to me (or was talking to me for under $100). Until yesterday when driving down the street to my street, a lady was putting a dresser at the curb. As she was taping a FREE! sign on it I speed dialed B and told him to bring his truck around the corner, I wanted this.
 It is solid wood, SUPER heavy and tall for a dresser. At least four feet. I love the detailing on the sides...and the solid {what I think to be, brass} handles.
Now it's in fairly decent shape when you consider the age of the piece and the fact that it was free. Every part of it is solid wood; no pressed cardboard, no veneer...just solid wood. The drawers are each in their own cubby, solid shelve in between (no plywood cheapo piece separating one drawers bottom from the others top). That being said, there are no sliders/tracks for the drawers so they are rough to pull out. The top one has issues. It will need plenty of TLC to become what I envision.
What is it that I envision? Well I'm not sure yet. Originally I wanted a piece that could become a kitchen island or a TV stand...this isn't that. But I love it and I will hopefully begin my project soon. You know when it ins't 103 degrees outside. And after I buy a sander. And decide whether I want to paint or sand. And before I do that, I need to figure out where it's going. What's it's purpose?

Good thing it was free, eh?

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  1. I like it! Let me know how it turns out. I've got a dresser, chest, and side table to refinish. I just have to figure out how to use the sander. :) Good luck!


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