Monday, June 27, 2011

I am jonesing for a new craft project.

For reals.

I haven't crafted something in a long time. I made a wreath at Christmas and I made our stockings but then...well then I didn't make much. I did make some potholders (out of a super cute M&M fabric) for my aunt but I never took photos. I painted a bow holder for all of Sissys bows but that took like, one evening and I have yet to even take photos of it (or even hang it up. It may be sitting on her dresser holding all her bows. Maybe). One night I made up some of my Stroller Buddy handles and even created an Etsy shop with a few listed {I made up a bunch but listed a few...Etsy charges for listings and I wanted to see if they'd sell first}. But I really really want to refinish something. I read all these cool blogs where people buy a dresser or a nightstand for $10 and it is the UGLIEST thing ever but then they sand it, paint it, switch out the handles and viola, totally gorgeous new piece of furniture for less than like, $30.

Case in point, look at what Kara did over on Craftastical...
She took this freebie (totally yuck, right?)
 and turned it into this by sanding, painting and switching out the pulls. Seriously!
I want to do it! Except I don't need a nightstand. What I want to do is find some big beefy buffet or long dresser, strip it, sand it, paint it/stain it and make it into a new TV stand. Something that I can hide puzzles, dvds and books in but it'll look gorgeous without spending $500 (or more) on a solid wood "entertainment center". I am searching Craigslist and cannot wait to find a piece that "speaks" to me! Right now I have my eye on another little project but I'm waiting (impatiently) to hear back from the seller as to see if it's still available!


  1. You are brave! I can't imagine taking on that large of a project but it is pretty cool to see the dramatic change with just a little money and some time! I wanted to suggest estate sales. They usually have large items like that and I think you can get pretty good deals, so I've heard. Can't wait to see a project you do!

  2. Shanon, I love refinishing furniture! Do you have a St. Vincent De Paul near you. I have gotten a lot of good wood furniture for cheap from there because it need refinished. Also something you may want to look for might be a buffet for you dining room. It might be easier to refinish and it could hold all you homeschool supplies :)


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