Thursday, December 23, 2010

the stockings were hung by the fire with care...

Well we don't have a fire, but you get the jist.

Yesterday I kinda sorta realized that I had never made Sissy's stocking. We've had five stockings hanging up for almost two weeks but it didn't really dawn on me that we were missing one. So yesterday using the tutorial found here, I whipped one up. I cheated it and instead of using lining and batting, I used fleece. Hey, it's the inside of a kids stocking, I highly doubt that she cares. I also didn't use their pattern, I traced our existing homemade stockings. And, it's a good thing I did because apparently we had a mouse get into our Christmas stuff as some point during the last year and the furry little rodent ate through three stockings! Ugh, I am not a mice lover and it grossed me out knowing that he was in our stockings...where trinkets and snacks and such go. Yuck.

So like any sane person (right?) I waited until December 23rd to make 5 {more} stockings. (Yes, I technically only needed three but then the stockings wouldn't match so...yeah, five stockings). I knocked 4 of them out during naptime and then finished the last one after the kiddos were in bed. The two pink ones are quilted, they are mine and Sissy's. On the boys' I skipped the quilting because I'm lazy and was sick of sewing straight lines. I thought they turned out really cute considering all of the above.

In order we have B's, Bubba's, Sissy's, Peanuts, Pooks and mine. Hopefully I can get them embroidered at some point.
(please excuse the crappy lighting, it was like 9pm and no natural light was to be found)

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