Saturday, May 14, 2011


"You can't climb on them or you could bonk your head...dat's why they're called bonkbeds"
The big boys have been begging us for months, but especially during the last few weeks to bunk their beds. When we first got the beds, they were WAY too little to be bunked. Then when we moved into this house, originally Peanut was in their room as well. Which made me WAY to nervous...that kid is a climber! But he now resides in the other bedroom with Sissy. 
And he likes sleeping there. He has his own shelves and "stuff". Bedtime is beyond easier, he actually goes to sleep now instead of climbing in and out, harassing his brothers, staring at us from the hallway, etc. Granted most nights he sleeps alone as Sissy pretty much co-sleeps with me at night. {she was in her crib but she's been waking twice each night to nurse so it's easier on everyone to have her with us}. But it's his and he likes it. 

So after Bubba and Pooks asked us for the 1,293rd time if we could PLEASE bunk their beds we had a conversation about the ground rules.
  1. No climbing/touching/going up on the ladder unless your name is [Bubba] and you're going up to go to sleep
  2. No standing/jumping/hanging on either bed
  3. No leaning over the edges, no hanging body parts over the edges, no throwing things over the edges
  4. No climbing!!
  5. If you climb/stand/jump/hang/bounce then we will not only un-bunk the beds but we will remove the beds completely and you will sleep on a mattress on the floor.
  6. No toys in the beds. Stuffed animals and paperback books only.
  7. No climbing!
We made sure to stress what *could* happen if they were breaking the rules and got hurt. We explained broken bones {thanks to Peanut they know what a cast is!}, stitches {they hates shots and needles}, fat lips, broken teeth, etc.

Now, I don't want you to think we just scared the daylights out of them, we didn't. We talked about how they get bunk beds because they are older now. That the beds can be fun because if you behave, Mommy and Daddy can hang a sheet up and make a fort. How now they have a ''reading area'' in their room, how they have room to build their Thomas tracks now.  How daddy slept in bunkbeds while in the Army and how Mommy did too, at college.

They really did listen and take it in. When bedtime came Bubba gave Pooks a kiss, climbed up his ladder and laid down. Pooks watched him, they he laid down. Other than some excited talking, we had no problems. And having the extra room in their bedroom is definitely nice!
See all that floor space?! Plus of course, the ''reading area'' as they call it.

 That being said, I'm no idiot. I pretty much decided that until the newness wears off anytime they are playing (without an adult) in their room, I will probably just take the ladder out. I know, I'm probably overthinking it but, better safe than sorry!

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