Saturday, August 8, 2009

big boys

lately i've found myself saying things like ''bubba looks so cute in those big boy jeans". meaning his denim Levis that are longer and have a real waist and no "cute" detailing...they look like the jeans that a big kid would wear. or saying to pooks ''do you need to go potty like a big boy does?" (meaning peeing on his potty) then wednesday i said that they got big boy haircuts. last night we went to the mall to get them each a new pair of sneakers and bubba's are these slick looking black and blue nike shox. i almost didn't get them because i kinda thought they looked like hoodlum shoes. they just look like one that a high-schooler would wear, not a 3 year old. well needless to say, he got the shoes and as he was walking in front of us i made the comment that they looked so cute with their big boy haircuts and new big boy shoes. at this point B said, ''well yeah. they ARE big boys. honey he isn't a little baby anymore. everything about him is big boyish. because he's big now."

and i realized, he was right. bubba can get himself completely dressed and undressed. he can wash his hands (with soap) by himself. he uses please, thank you, you're welcome and sorry without being reminded most of the time. he brushes his teeth by himself. he has conversations on the phone with his nanaw, he gives his baby brother a binky, he can count, he can say and recognize what an octagon is.

he's on the wait list for preschool.

and pooks? he's 2 years and 3 months old. he can talk. he goes pee on the potty. he can open doors all by himself. his newest and most often uttered phrase is ''no mommy, me can do."

they aren't babies any more. they aren't dressed like big boys. they don't act like big boys. they don't have haircuts like big boys. they ARE big boys.

when the hell did that happen? seriously??

and just in case you needed any more examples about how my children will soon be leaving the nest; do you know what we did today?

we got up and we all went to the farmer's market. after picking out some great produce (seriously the best peaches I've ever tasted!) we decided to go look at a furniture store outlet. we've been tossing around the idea of getting bubba and pooks new beds. their race car beds are fun, but they use the toddler/crib size mattresses. well the boys technically still fit but they sleep all over the place and usually one of them has their head on that hard plastic siding, or half a body is hanging off. we knew that they were going to need bigger beds so we've wandered around a few furniture stores over the last few weekends just seeing what's out there and how much they are. we finally decided on bunk beds but they needed to be the kind that you don't have to bunk. the boys are just too little for that right now and the thoughts involving jumping, pushing, daring, and falling--give me nightmares!

so we get to this outlet and unload everybody. get in the store and the gentleman who owns the place asked if he could help us, we told him we were looking for bunk beds or twin beds. so he goes to show us where they are when bubba and pooks immediately see a set and are saying things like ''there's my new bed mommy" or ''i yike the red one" or "mine! mine! mine!". after looking at them they were quite perfect. they are definitely kid bunk beds. they aren't this sleek modern looking wood set. they don't look like i would cry if pooks covered them in crayon. (in fact, it would wipe off!). i don't see them breaking from someone jumping on them. and most importantly the kids loved them and the price was awesome. they could be separated or stacked, they match their existing "Cars" theme and did i mention the price was awesome? so we did what any impulsive parent does: we bought them. nanaw and papa helped us out, unloaded them into the garage and after naps we went back out (to another store) to buy the mattresses and lastly to target to find new bedding. (Cars of course!)

well after Target we took a break because my big boys (who don't just look like big boys they ARE big boys) had to attend the very first birthday party that a friend invited them too. they had a blast! between the pool, the kids, the food, the sidewalk chalk, popsicles, the sprinkler--they didn't want to leave! even peanut was partying pretty hard in the pool and sprinkler there for awhile. but once he crashed we decided we should probably get the other munchkins home so we could take the beds that were in our garage, upstairs and set up.

this was the final result:
bubba's is the red.
he will eventually (someday) have the top bunk. it has safety rails that can be attached when that happens
opposite view, obviously the blue one is pooks'
all snugged in, ready to go to sleep
pooks too!
eventually we will get them comforters (right now they have their toddler coverlets) but i'm not paying for ridiculously overpriced Cars comforters and it's not necessary for august in kansas. i will also eventually clean their room. and eventually i might even get to lengthening their closet curtains. you know, the ones that i hung up last november with the intention of adding a panel?



  1. Those big boy beds are really cool!
    Looks like the big boys like them alot.


  2. How cute! Looks like they love their new beds already! :)


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