Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm on my way to being shredded...

I think that's a good thing!?

As I mentioned in this post I have started working out to "The Shred'' DVD's. I did my first level 1 workout on February 23. I did them every other day until Thursday the 3rd and haven't done one since. My reasoning is two part. One, Aunt Debbie was here and I prioritized spending time with my family. Two, I should be moving up to level 2 now {as level 1 isn't as challenging} and I am terrified. I'm finally to the point where I'm not sore at all and I know that level 2 will be brutal.

So I've done the DVD 5 times and get this, I've lost 3.5lbs since workout #1! Is that not insane?! I made 2 dietary changes: eating breakfast each day & cutting down on soda intake. I let myself have one Dr.Pepper a day but no more. Instead of my usual 3-4 glasses, I drink water, tea or even limeade. I know soda is horrible empty calories but I didn't realize how much so until now. The really crazy thing? Apparently I'm already looking more toned, B actually noticed and said something. Seeing how I can get a haircut and highlights and he doesn't notice, I figure this has to be a good thing right? So today, I will allow myself to do level 1 {it has been 5 days since I did a workout} again and then, on to level 2.

I can say that it's already worth the $9!

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  1. That's awesome, Shannon! I LOVE (and hate) the Shred! Let me know what you think of Level 2! I thought it was WAY harder than Level 1, but I did Level 1 for a week or 2 (2-3 times/week) before moving on to Level 2. In retrospect, I should have probably done Level 1 longer before moving on. I stuck with Level 2 (despite SERIOUSLY thinking about going back to Level 1, lol) the entire time I was actually doing the video. (I've totally gotten out of working out now that I'm working outside the home full-time again *sigh*)


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