Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brown bag popcorn, big boy beds and bouncy frogs

How is that for random!?

A few nights ago I was up late, blog hopping {does anyone else do that for on one link, hop to a blog, click on another and keep going until you can't remember what you were looking at first?!} and stumbled upon a blog (sorry but I can't remember which one) that talked about making popcorn using a paper sack, in the microwave.

I know you're thinking '' Um,'s called microwave popcorn" but it's not that. You literally use a brown paper lunch sack, a 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels and your microwave. That's it. Top it with whatever you like; butter, salt, cheese, bacon salt, ranch dressing seasoning...whatever fits your fancy. It's obviously much much healthier than the butter-lovers, chocked full of preservatives, store bought stuff that could sit on a shelf for 3 years and not go stale. Here is my super self explanatory ''tutorial'':

-Measure out 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels. Pour them into the brown paper bag.
 Fold the bag's top over a few times, tightly. Push out most of the air.
Place the bag in your microwave. I used the 1.7 oz popcorn button/selection but just listen until the pops are 1-2 seconds apart. {Like when you would normally make popcorn}
 And in my case, less than two minutes later....Tada!:
We then poured the popcorn into a bowl, sprayed with a touch of ''I can't believe it's not butter'' spray, shook some Parmesan cheese on it and the boys inhaled it! {ignore the above pic that has cooking spray in it...I had a brain fart moment and got the wrong thing out}.
Peanut's look of approval ;)
So easy, much cheaper and healthier and honestly, a heck of a lot more fun. Maybe I am totally lame, maybe everyone else already knew you could do this but I thought you had to have an air popper or pop it on the stove if you wanted to make popcorn yourself...not true at all!

So now that I have that craving planted in your head....on to big boy beds!

You may remember in my last post {you know the one that involved vomit} that I mentioned moving Peanut to a twin sized bed. Well due to unforeseen illness, we didn't get it picked up til Tuesday evening. Every other time I've transitioned my kids to a bigger bed, I've always made the move at naptime. Well that wasn't going to work because B couldn't even pick up the bed until after work. So instead I opted to not let Peanut nap yesterday. He stayed in the living room with me, playing with puzzles and reading books. My hope was that by the time we got the bed set up and he finally got to sleep, he'd be too tired to fight the change.

I'm a bit of genius, if I do say so myself.

By the time he was in bed, he fussed maybe 25 minutes before heaving a huge sigh and crawling into bed. Literally B and I could hear him at the door {we put up the baby-gate so he can't get out and wonder in the middle of the night but we can see in} and he was saying/yelling/whispering/yelling ''Mommy's bed" then ''Dad....DADDY!". This went on and off a bit but overall he didn't protest near as much as we thought he would. {Just in case I hadn't mentioned it, he's been sleeping in our bed since he got his cast on} And in case you were wondering we opted to switch him now, using the injury to our advantage; he can't climb the gate or get into Sissy's crib, etc with a cast on!

Anyway, I had also mentioned trying to find fabric to make his quilt but yesterday while at Target I found a twin sized thick fleece ''PolarTec'' blanket on clearance for $6.98. Hello, cheaper than 2+ yards of fabric and the color matched Sissy's bedding set so, viola super easy blanket! This weekend {if it doesn't rain} we are going to Ikea and most likely getting him this bed in white. So, please disregard that his mattress is currently on the floor:
Don't mind his giant Sealy pillow, it keeps him from banging his cast on the tile when we crawls in/out
You can't tell in the pic but his sheets are these from Target. They are stripes with vehicles in them. I also ordered this for his wall...from etsy shop Decomodwalls:

But, I ordered it so the alphabet is a deep brown and the vehicles are in lime. Ideally, they should nicely coordinate with Sissy's butterflies and wall hanging of her name...
In my mind, it looks really great, lol! Making a boy/girl room match isn't easy. Especially since I made all of Sissy's stuff...I'm not about to go out and re-buy or re-make all of that!

And speaking of Sissy; she finally has enough upper body control and is alert enough to play in her jumper. She absolutely LOVES it. Her feet don't touch the bottom yet but she loves the teether, the big froggy eyes and how her brothers can gently make her spin and they also bat at toys for her.
 In the next pic, she looks like the frog, lol
and a little bit like another kiddo of ours...
 but can you guys which one???

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