Saturday, February 5, 2011

Apparently we brought the cold weather with us

In Kansas it's normal to have snow from November clear into March. Actually it's expected to get a good dose of snow, usually once the roads are already covered in ice. It's expected. Life doesn't stop because it snowed. You get out your snow shovel, some ice melt and you get where you need to go. Now if there is 8+ inches of snow over an inch of ice and the windchill is below zero, school will probably get canceled. But the city sure doesn't shut down. Walmart will be open, you can go catch a movie; places never shut down...they just deal with it.

Well apparently moving to Texas changes everyone's perspective on snow.

Apparently when it snows in South Texas, it's a HUGE deal. The weathermen have been talking all week about the possibility of snow on Thursday/Friday. They were using words like ''arctic blast'' and ''snowstorm''. They actually warned people to stock up on necessities and to stay off of the roads because of the snow. I ran to Target to some Motrin for the boys and the place was packed! People buying bread, eggs, water, movies, they were preparing for a blizzard or something. So Thursday night B and I are watching the evening news and they are talking about the freezing rain that is coming down. Next thing I know they are saying how all bridges and overpasses have been shut down. By 1am on Thursday night they had actually SHUT DOWN the freeway.

Guys I can't even make this stuff up.

So we go to bed and wake to discover that yep, it snowed. Kids were outside playing in it, school was cancelled. Businesses were closed {Miss Sweetcheeks appointment was originally canceled but rescheduled for in the afternoon after "the weather cleared up"}. So you're expecting a ton of snow right?! I mean they shut down the freeway. Well, this is how much we got:

In the midwest, that's called a dust of snow. I mean, it didn't even stick to the grass. Needless to say, my boys were very disappointed. I think they had pictured something like this:
Well boys, we really aren't in Kansas anymore!

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