Tuesday, December 8, 2009

snow day!

today it snowed. last night, it snowed. we're actually in a winter weather advisory for BLIZZARD conditions. the boys were in heaven. we've been talking about snow during our school lessons, we made snowmen out of cotton balls, but today we ditched our lesson to play in the snow. obviously peanut has been sick so we waited until he went down for a nap. which i feel bad about, him not getting to play but it's for his own health and he can't walk that well yet so i don't know how much fun he would have had.

so after being a mom, and getting them dressed like they were going to be stranded in antarctica we finally went out to play. seriously i had them leave on their fitted pajamas, then put on thick socks. i used peanuts babylegs to cover the spot where their pants and socks meet...to make sure no skin was exposed. then i put on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants, their gloves and shoes. to top it off pooks wore a fleece bunting and his winter coat; bubba wore a pair of snow bibs (that were 2 sizes 2 small) and his big coat.

while they looked ridiculous getting ready, it paid off. no one complained of being cold!

one thing is for sure though, bubba and pooks had fun! at first they were hesitant, not really sure and taken back by how cold it was. but once i showed them that it was fun, they were all for it!

in no particular order:

bubba making a snow angel, well getting up from making one
me tossing a snowball at pooks
trying to teach him how to do it
bubba would stop playing, to tell me that he was having fun
daddy was tossing snow on them while shoveling the drive (which was promptly covered again)
pooks refusing to smile
and the last picture taken, bubba throwing a snowball at my camera
afterwards we retreated inside to talk about the snow, what it looked like, felt like, tasted like, etc while enjoying a mug of warm hot cocoa and a Christmas sugar cookie.

and after that, they pretended to be santa and one of his reindeer, peanut woke up and we continued our day by watching Christmas cartoons. i ♥ snow days!

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