Saturday, February 19, 2011

80 degrees and snowing!?

Yep, only in Texas will they pay some company to make snow. Or what they call snow. Whatever.

Our little suburb of our big Texas city had their annual ''Snowfest Carnival'' this evening completely with real snow. Or a bunch of guys feeding bags of ice into, what looked like, a wood chipper. They also had little carnival rides, games and the glorious ever popular, carnival food! So we headed over there to see what it was all about. Never did I think the kids would be wearing short sleeve shirts while playing in the snow, but it was 80 degrees out when we got there. {It did however cool off quickly once the sun went down and the wind picked up}. All the snow activities and bounce houses (which we avoided) were free, so it really was a neat little carnival. The kids loved it!
 This is when my boys yelled ''Dis isn't's just ice!"
 And Peanut promptly tried to eat was, apparently ''Yucky''
 Pookie checking everything out
 After winning light-up swords at the ''Pick a Duck'' and everyone wins a prize game
 B trying to knock over the milk bottles. Unfortunately, he did not win.
 Very happy boys at the end of the night!
We ended up staying for about two hours and it was quite a bit of fun. Not to crowded and had a very ''small town'' feel...which is nice! B and I both decided that in July, we're going home for our normal county fair. {Plus July in south Texas will probably be hotter than hell and we'll welcome the "cooler'' weather back home}.

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