Saturday, July 24, 2010

Funnel cake & the Ferris Wheel

 Yep, it's that time of year. The sun is shining, the temp is over 100 degrees and the fair is in town. I think I can officially say that it is my family's favorite event of the entire summer. I myself love it. The kids were beyond excited to go, much like last year. And B has been salivating while talking about the turkey legs for weeks. But this year it wasn't just about the animals and cotton candy; they wanted to ride the rides, see the Ferris Wheel, play the games and then see the animals and eat cotton candy. Because we live within 3 blocks of the Fair Grounds, they know days in advance that the fair and Rodeo, are almost here. Slightly annoying when they ask at every single errand run if it's time yet, but they are literally bubbling with excitement. 

While I'm late blogging about the whole ordeal, we actually went on Thursday night. We waited until 7pm and it was STILL 98 degrees outside with a heat index of 102. After filling myself and the kids up with water and Gatorade, we threw caution to the wind and went for it. The downside was on Thursday the 4-H animals weren't there yet but it was a lot less crowded.

First things first, we snacked. The boys wanted cotton candy, I got my usual funnel cake and B, naturally didn't waste a second to get that turkey leg.
Pookie munching on his cotton candy
Peanut trying cotton candy for the first time; apprehensive at first but pretty satisfied with the taste
Bubba patiently begging to ride the ferris wheel
B with his treasured Turkey Leg
Finally it was ride time; up first I rode the Ferris Wheel with Bubba just as promised. I really thought we'd be those people who get to the top and the kid freaks out and they have to bring it back down but he did great! He made me nervous, trying to peek over the guard, excitedly pointing to things and making the bucket sway. But he loved it and actually wanted to ride it again, but I passed on that!
 While we were on the Ferris wheel, Pooks rode the spinning bears with H (our friend's daughter who is six and the perfect Mother Hen at helping out) and the motorcycles. Of course Bubba was bummed that he missed out so he had to ride the motorcycles too. 
Since Pooks didn't want to watch that, he and I headed over to the carousel. 
This was the one ride that Peanut could have safely ridden on and he could have carried less. He was enthralled watching all the people, lights and rides. His balloon kept him pretty entertained too!
After the carousel it was all kind of a blur; there were slides, roller coasters, and rides with cars and spaceships.
By this time, it was after 9pm and we moved on to a couple games. Just like last year we let each kiddo play the ''Pick a Duck'' game.
Bubba and Pooks both picked ducks that landed them little dinky Hackey Sack toys but Peanut chose ducks that earned him a prize from the second shelf. He chose a Baby Jay and was pretty excited about it!
Overall it was a wonderful night. The kids slept like, well like babies. They were definitely exhausted. And today {Saturday} we did it all again! LOL. Well we skipped the rides and instead saw all of the 4-H animals, shared a Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick, another funnel cake (don't judge!), shaved ice, and eventually roasted corn. We played even more games with the boys scoring a stuffed animal each as well as a poster for bubba and pooks. We splurged and bought then each a light up Light Saber glow stick thing and called it a night. For the 2nd time this week they went to bed at 10pm and were out within minutes. 

And in case that isn't enough, on the walk back to the car Bubba told me that it was a lot of fun and asked ''Are we gonna go again next year Mom?"

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  1. Heck yes he chose a Baby Jay!



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