Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well it's really wasn't worth waking up for...

 Yesterday I posted about how Peanut fractured his leg. Today we met with the Pediatric Orthopedic doctor and he reviewed the x-rays and confirmed that yes, Peanut would need a cast. Well I say "we" but I use the term loosely. What really happened was Peanut and I went back to wait for the doctor and he fell asleep. I mean the poor kiddo was out.
 So the doctor showed me the x-rays, explained the fractures (one a buckling and one a non displaced tibial plateau fracture):
He also explained that this is a super common injury seen in kids and that Peanut will heal up nicely with no lasting effects. He will need a full leg cast for three and a half weeks, keeping weight completely off of his injured leg. Now, keep in mind that as he's explaining this to me, Peanut is still asleep. So as the Doctor is talking to me, he is simultaneously working on little mans foot. First they did a layer of cotton, followed by plaster on the bottom half of his leg...
 then they did the same to the top, holding his leg at this angle. Never once did Peanut wake up.
 Lastly they wrapped his leg up in the colored fiberglass tape...since he was sleeping I got the choice of choosing a color and I went with a light blue (as opposed to a hot pink, neon green, neon yellow, dark blue, black, purple, regular green and regular yellow).
I mostly chose it because I knew that when we signed it, the Sharpie would really show up well.

After it was dry, I had to wake him up. The doctor wanted to make sure that he could wiggle his toes and I needed to get him dressed. Needless to say he was less than thrilled. I think he woke up obviously disorientated and then on top of that, his entire leg was in a cast. I promptly said "Look, your leg band-aid is blue just like Tow Mater". So now he is calling it his Mater :) Once he was awake and got his sucker, he was in much better spirits:
 We got him home, changed into some plaster-free clothes and he went right to playing. Here he is showing Chuck his owie...

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