Monday, January 24, 2011

With the leg bone connected to the knee bone, and the knee bone connected to the thigh bone...

Today we met up with some friends at a really cool indoor playplace that is full of bounce houses, inflatable slides, and kids' toys. The boys had an absolute blast and we were there for over 2 hours this morning! When we were leaving the playplace and on our way to get lunch, the owner mentioned that the $7 we paid was good all day. So if we wanted to come back after lunch or after naps, we were more than welcome to and at no cost. So we ate lunch, came home and took a nap. B ended up coming home from work over an hour early and we had told him all about the playplace. Well I figured ''Hey why not get our moneys worth and head back over?" Thinking we would go play for another hour then get dinner and the kids would sleep like babies tonight. B was up for it, the kids were beyond excited, so off we went.

We got there and naturally, Sissy decided she was ''starving'' so I was nursing her while B was playing with the kids. We were the only ones in the entire building so B was able to do everything with them, not just watch. They had so much fun going down this huge inflatable slide {I'll have to share the video later, its' on his phone} and shortly after moved on to the actual jump houses. Well one minute they are jumping and the next I hear Peanut crying. I go over to see what's wrong and if I can help. I see B holding Peanut against him telling him that it's okay and asking what hurts. Apparently with him and the big boys jumping, Peanut got bounced a little too hard and fell. Well he didn't point or say that anything hurt so we assumed he was just still really tired and worn out. I took him from B and we cuddled on one of the couches with Sissy while the big boys continued to play. Never did he say that anything hurt, he was just really clingly.

Well 5 minutes pass and he is still not getting down and wanting to play so B and I trade places. I run around with the big boys while he sits with the littles. Maybe 10 minutes later he hollers for me and says that he thinks Peanut might have hurt his ankle. B had asked him to put his shoes on and when Peanut slide off the couch to go get them, he immediately started crying when he put weight on his foot. Okay so I take off his socks and really look at his feet...nothing. No swelling, no bruises, no bones sticking out or anything, but as soon as I moved his foot, he started screaming.

Okay so now we're worried. So I ask him if it hurts and he just cries. So I tell the big boys that we're leaving, Peanut has an owie and we need to go. I try to put his shoes on and he screams. Okay so I'm really worried. This isn't like him at all. We get into the van and B and I decide to take him to an Urgent Care for X-rays.

To make an already long story a little bit shorter, it turns out that it was much more serious that Peanut let on. He ended up fracturing his tibia, right below the kneecap  It caused some buckling on the outside of his leg as well. They ended up splinting it for tonight {we were at Urgent care for over 3 hours!} and referring us to see a Pediatric Ortho Specialist tomorrow. The doc this evening, thinks that the Ortho will end up casting it tomorrow. Here is Peanut after dinner, he was telling his brothers how he told the doctor ''No touch me. No bandaid".
So for tonight at least, he is sleeping in our bed with his little leg propped up on a pillow after a good dose of Tylenol. He really is a trooper; while he was extremely tired, mad and obviously in pain at the clinic he would yell at them to stop and don't touch, etc but then when they gave him stickers he would stop crying and say ''Thank you''. He ended up with about 12 stickers and he very nicely, without prompting, gave one to each of his brothers :) Such a sweetie!


  1. I hope everything goes ok at the ortho today. Will be looking forward to seeing that cast.


  2. Aww... poor thing! Keep us posted on how he does!


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