Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Wednesday night...

and still no baby...

When we were guessing her date of arrival, I guessed the 29th but there is a little over 3 hours left in the day and I don't feel like she's coming so....I probably guessed wrong. Bubba however, told me 9 days ago that she'd be here in 10 days. Obviously, tomorrow, the 30th. I mentioned it here but hadn't brought it back up in conversation to him. Imagine my surprise when this conversation took place at bedtime this evening:

Bubba: Mom, whose watching us tonight?
Me: Me, silly.
Bubba: No...when you go have sissy. Whose gonna watch us?
Me: Well, am I having sissy tonight?
Bubba: Yeah Mom...sissy is coming SOON!
Me: Well if Sissy comes tonight, then Papa will come over and stay with you guys.
Bubba: Oh, okay Mommy. Love you. 
Me: Love you too Bubba, night night.

So, I guess we'll see. I did go see Dr.P yesterday. My cervix was 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and ''favorable''. I am still having contractions, every single day but they come and go at irregular intervals. They are getting stronger and more intense, especially when I'm up walking around or doing something. As of right now I'm sitting on my butt and they are an even 10 minutes apart. We'll see if Bubba is right and if she's coming soon!

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