Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well I finished up Sweetcheeks bedding. I kinda feel like I should end that statement with ''finally'' but realistically I'm a little over 24 weeks pregnant so my timing was good. {I just feel like I've been sewing for.ever.}

I had previously shared some photos of the crib bumpers and crib skirt---

Here are a couple pics of the 2 quilted blankets and a Boppy cover that I made. The first blanket is my favorite. It's a rag quilt made with the fabric that I love from Hobby Lobby and a super soft pink flannel. Honestly, after seeing it fresh out of the dryer, I kinda wish I had a one big blanket like this instead of even bothering with the second one. This is probably 30x30 inches. Perfect for a baby. Oh well, I can always make one when she's ready for a toddler bed or something.
Here is a close of the the ''ragging''
The second quilt is larger, about 36x36 inches. I used up a lot of leftover fabric on this one. I had to play around with the pattern based on how much of a certain material was left. This is what I came up with--
It looks really busy hanging next to the bumpers but realistically it probably won't even be used very much in the crib. For one, it's big. For two, it's a pretty heavy blanket...I imagine it will be used more as a floor blanket or when she is older.
The back is super soft Minkie Dot fabric in a light pink.
And lastly, the Boppy cover. One side is the botanical print and it reverses to the large dots on bright pink.
Over all, I'm very pleased with the way everything turned out and the work/effort that it took. I have much more appreciation for it, that's for sure! I think grand total for the fabric, cording, bumper inserts, etc I spent around $80. Considering that with that $80 I made the bumpers, the crib skirt, 2 blankets, a boppy cover, decoupaged a shelf and I still have leftover fabric--not a bad deal at all! Much better than shelling out almost $200 to a big box store for a 4 or 6 piece set!

And I still have a few smaller ideas in mind to use up the scraps (binky clip, cloth baby rings, a bib and maybe a taggie blanket). But those are definitely being saved for another day. My only remaining ''projects'' before Sweetcheeks arrival is to fill the nail holes and touch up paint on that wall, hang up her name letters, vinyl wall decals and shelf, and have B dig the changing table out of the basement so we can clean it off and get it set up. Whew! And about 12 weeks to get it done. (not to mention wash ALL of her laundry...ugh!)

At 24 weeks little Miss should be measuring about one pound and 4oz and almost 12 inches from head to toe. Here's the view from the outside:
As I mentioned in previous post, not much has changed for me. I've gained a few pounds and I seem to have more energy. My nails are growing super fast and stronger than ever! My latest cravings have been for Twix candy bars...can't get enough though I do limit myself. My hip bothers me but Dr. P suggest I get a maternity support belt to help relieve the pressure that is happening when she pushes her big ol' noggin into my side. It'll help lift the weight up off of my hips some. I'm skeptical because it's July in's already hot enough, let alone wearing a big velcro covered belt. Ugh!

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