Wednesday, April 8, 2009

he likes it, he really likes it!

peanut loves to grasp things. weather its my necklace, nanaw's hair, my bra strap, B's finger, a tag on a stuffed animal---anything he can grasp, he will. well i wanted to get him something for Easter but obviously he can't have candy or anything. off to etsy i went. i searched for baby blankets and stumbled upon a ''taggy'' blanket. it's a 12x12 blanket surround by tags made of ribbons. this sounded perfect. however, i couldn't find one that i just loved on etsy and they were pretty pricey. ($30 + shipping). so next step, ebay.


now i'm going to shamelessly plug Jen who created an ebay store called "little monkey doodles." she makes personalized, custom taggy blankets and they are SO reasonable. okay, i'll say it--they are cheap! you pick your fabric (up to 4), you choose a name to have her personalize it with, and she goes to work. she doesn't just sew two pieces of fabric together either. she appliques and personalizes. she adds peek a boo flaps and extra taggies. she is super creative and she really takes the time to make a great blanket. she has over 100 fabrics to choose from and she does it all for $14!!! highway robbery i tell ya!

so about 2 weeks ago i ordered one for peanut. i chose one fabric and gave her his name, but told her to use her creativity to make it. i didn't have any preferences because all of her examples were so cute. i expected it to be a few weeks until it received, after all she hand makes them and then they are shipped from Canada. i was in for the wait. well much to our surprise, i received peanuts blanket yesterday and it's perfect. adorable. i love it.

so i gave it to him early. (yeah yeah yeah, i'm impatient, i know) he LOVES it. i gave it to him at 2pm yesterday, attached his binky to the loop that she leaves longer so that you can attach a binky easily (genius!) and he hasn't put it down. seriously, he has clutched that thing during his every waking moment. he loves feeling all the ribbon tags and the super soft minky fabric. here are some pictures of just how much work and thought went into his blanket:

the only thing i requested was the treasure map fabric
okay and obviously i'm sharing his name, oh well--its worth it!
see the "x" on the island? well that's a flap that lifts up to reveal a treasure chest. there is also a flap on the ship that lifts to reveal the jolly roger! so cute! here is peanut thoroughly enjoying his new blanket:
so like any experienced mom knows, if your kid attaches himself to something so quickly--you better have a back up! last night i placed another order for another taggy blanket. Jen just ordered a bunch of new fabric and i can't wait to get his new one. i chose a fabric that is from the eric carle collection, brown bear, brown bear . i can't wait to see what she comes up with! so if you are looking for a perfect baby gift (you know, other than a kick ass cake from tic tac baby cakes) be sure to check out Jen's ebay store!

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  1. You brought a tear to my eye Shannon with your kind words! I love the picture of Connor with his new blankie!!! I'm really glad that you guys like it so much, it was so much fun to make. Thanks for your support :0) Jennifer


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