Friday, April 30, 2010

I need help!

Anyone have any great tips for getting a kid to take antibiotics? Bubba has now been sick for almost a week and yesterday they prescribed an antibiotic. (They don't know what's wrong with him; he's had a fever in the 102-104.8 range since Sunday and his CBC showed elevated white blood count). While I can get him to take Tylenol or Motrin with some gentle coercing, I can't get him to take the antibiotic. I mean the second it touches his tongue he gags until he vomits. I tried letting him drink it, I tried using a squirting dispenser, I took it back to the pharmacy and got it re-flavored, I tried mixing it will chocolate syrup, I even added a little food coloring while he wasn't watching and tried pawning it off as a ''new'' medicine-nothing. If I pin him down and squirt it in his cheeks, he vomits. Yesterday I ended up having to call the on-call doctor, who put in a call to the urgent care. We (my mom went with) had to take him up to urgent care where they gave him a shot.
He was beyond pissed, crying and screaming which lead to gagging again.

Today I have to call our Dr back and see if they can prescribe something different. He still has to take the antibiotics for 3 more days.

He understands why he takes the medicine, so that's not the issue. He hates being sick and he knows that the Tylenol/Motrin keeps his body from getting too hot. The ''pink medicine" is to help get the germs out of him (and his blood {he wanted to know why he had to get blood drawn and she said to count the germs}) so that he can feel better. He even goes as far to say that he wants to take the medicine, he just can't.

What can I do? What else can I try? I was considering asking the doctor for tablets and seeing if I could just get him to swallow those, but I don't know if they come in a dose small enough. Anyone know of a antibiotic that tastes great??

I need help!

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