Tuesday, January 12, 2010

peanut moved out!

well out of our room and into his brothers' room that is!

after 14mos of co-sleeping and sharing a room, it became apparent that this little arrangement wasn't going to work much longer. peanut has always woke around 6am for a bottle, which it used to be that i'd give him a bottle of water (or milk/nurse when younger) and he would fall right back asleep. well B is now getting up earlier because he has to be at work a little earlier and apparently when peanut knows that daddy is up, he won't go back to sleep.

now i will admit, i hate mornings and i love to sleep so getting up this early with him was a challenge for me. plus he was loud enough to wake the other boys up before they were truly ready to be up. but the the problem was in fact that peanut himself wasn't really ready to be up yet! he thought he was, we'd go downstairs and eat breakfast and suddenly he would morph into this whiny, fussy, fit-throwing baby; it wasn't even 8:30am and he was ready for a nap.

um...in a word, no. not going to happen. it used to be that we ran errands in the early morning so that we'd be home by 10am for his nap then lunch. so napping from 8:30-10/11 won't work because it threw off is nap routine for the entire day and made for an extremely fussy child by 4pm. and it especially won't work now that bubba is in preschool!

the logical solution was to get him to stop waking at 6am (or at least stop him from thinking that it was time to get up). and since B can't change what time his workday begins, we had to move peanut so he wouldn't know that B was up. we actually made this transition last week and so far, it's gone pretty well!

okay, that's a lie.

the first nap with all 3 in the same room led to laughing, talking, singing, getting in and out of beds and general mayhem for over 2 hours before they FINALLY fell asleep. i was at the absolute end of my rope wondering if they would EVER sleep. but they did.

the first bedtime took about 45 mins...but after that, the newness wore off and now they usually all settle down within 10-15minutes. luckily (at least so far) they haven't woken each other up in the middle of the night. (sometimes pooks has to go potty, or peanut starts fussing, etc).

i have to say that i am very glad that our 2 bedroom house, has 2 pretty big bedrooms! they fit perfectly and they love it! here are a few pics from the doorway.
peanut's crib the the curtains on the closet that i still have not lengthened. eh, someday i will...or we'll move and i won't need to!
the the left is pooks' bed, a bookshelf and you can't see it here but at the foot of his bed is their toybox
bubba's bed
and a {kinda crappy} view of the whole room
by the giggling and talking that i hear at bedtime, i think it's like a little sleepover for them, every night!

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