Sunday, January 10, 2010

me and my big boys

in honor of bubba starting preschool tomorrow, i wanted to do something special today. he's much much more excited about going, he talks all about reading and painting but i thought we'd go out to breakfast {just me, bubba and pooks} for a big-boy breakfast and talk about school. so we waited until peanut went down for his morning nap, left him with a tired and cranky B, bundled up in our winter coats and hats and headed out.

bubba was so excited, he loves the local breakfast place more than i do, i think. pooks was equally thrilled, as he's excited about anything involving food. on the way over there, bubba was telling me all about how he wanted potatoes and ''one of them big rolls mommy''. after some careful thought, i realized he wanted a big biscuit. so i ordered the biscuits and gravy plate, while the boys split ''the usual'' or scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast and bacon. normally they order off the kids menu but for what they wanted, this was easier (and cheaper!). they actually wanted to drink water (and i thought for sure that they would want chocolate milk so chocolaty it looks black) but they surprised me! they looked like such big kids eating this adult meal and drinking water out of coffee mugs...pooks insisted.

see for yourself via these crappy photos because the lighting was horrible and my flash was off :
bubba trying to decide what to eat first...
pooks (of course was wearing his hat) excited about his bacon!
aren't they just so stinking cute??

what is possibly more adorable is the following conversation:
me: bubba are you so excited about starting school tomorrow?
bub: yes mommy, its going to be so super fun. i get to play?
pooks: me go when i'm free [three] and me play too!
me: yep, pookie will go after his birthday and bubba will go tomorrow. you'll have a lot of fun playing and making new friends.
bubba: i not have any friends at school mama, i not go yet.
me: bubba, you'll make friends.
bubba: me not know how!
me: you just tell the other kids ''hi, i'm [bubba], what is your name?"
bubba: me not say that mommy. no. i just gonna be shy.
pooks: me do mommy! me do. my name is [full firstname and last name]....and me go 'hey kid whats ewe {your} name?'
me:(lol) that is your name pooks, and when you go to school you can say that too.
bubba: i just gonna have fun mommy, i yike {like} school.
pooks :me yike school too!
seriously, it was like the cutest conversation ever...i cannot even convey how bubba sounded when he replied ''i just gonna be shy''.

it was a great breakfast and the boys were perfect. seriously like 3 waitress and 4 random patrons around us all complimented me/them on how well behaved they were. they did great and i kid you not they ate almost every single piece of food on their plates. bubba ended up eating 1/2 of my biscuits and gravy and then pooks ate everything on his plate (minus 1/2 a piece of toast) and then he ate the rest of bubba's eggs. i don't think that i have ever seen them eat so much! bubba told me as we were leaving that he "ate so many potatoes he was going to turn into a GIANT potato."

bubba, i believe it!

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