Monday, January 18, 2010

it's a bird! it's a plane!

no, it's the super brothers!!

well, the boys' superhero capes are finished! i started them about 9pm last night and didn't get done until 1:30am due to several mishaps. mainly, the material that i chose. while it's nice and flowy for a cape, it's not nice to sew! it's some sort of polyester (no i didn't look at what it was, i just let the boys pick the colors) and my machine hated it. i mean hated it. it kept pulling and as it sewed my machine was making this clicking/clanging noise. hated it. so while i had originally planned on just using the serger overedge stitch to finish the edges, my machine did not like that idea and i ended up having to use bias tape. thankfully i had 2 unopened packages of a golden yellow, double folded bias tape and it was exactly enough for bubba and pooks cape.

 the design was very simple. i decided that i wanted it to fasten with velcro so that pooks could do ''it all by myself''. well after deciding on velcro i kinda realized that essentially a cape that velcros is a backwards bib. i mean it fastens exactly like bib but because it's a cape, it gets longer and wider and is drastically longer. here they are all laid out and finished.

peanut's cape is different. since i knew he would be growing out of his so quickly, i simply put his together using the leftover material from his brothers thus making his reversible. when he's a bit older (and taller) i'll make him one just like his brothers. he really likes it though. he watches bubba and pooks run, then he pulls on the bottom of his cape and follows. as if to say ''hey, i have one too!!"

as an after thought, i quickly made an eye mask out of some leftover yellow felt. it was a no-sew, three-minute add on that bubba insisted on. you know ''so people can't know that it's me". they ran around for about an hour this morning, rescuing, jumping and bumping into things.
total cost of the project was $10.66 (for the material). 3 capes for $10 and a few hours work? score! i already had the bias tape, thread, velcro and even the scrap yellow fabric for the tabs. i think it was a success! bubba did tell me that he wants lightning on the back of his, so we'll work on making up an emblem.

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