Wednesday, September 17, 2008

pictures of the boys in their costumes...

i was able to get some action shots of the boys in their costumes this morning! yay! overall the parrot costume fits pooks pretty well. the sweatshirt is a little big, so i'll have to put a red onesie/tshirt underneath. in these pics, you can see his pj's. obviously it also has red pants but he wasn't being overly cooperative this morning. oh and the reason he looks mad in the pics, well he HATES the hat. as soon as you put it on he yanks it off. he actually started ripping the googly eye right off of the thing! he throws a massive tantrum but once i took it off he was fine. he didn't mind the feathers one bit. but as a plus, the hat fits great! i was impressed, LOL.

bubba got to wear his pirate costume for the first time since we bought it. he was SO excited and he looks so damn cute! see for yourself:

he was ''squaking"
a very happy pirate (there are shoe covers and a sword too)
fussing and giving me his big eyes, begging me to take the hat off


  1. How cute!!! Bubba looks really cute and very happy in his Pirate Costume. You can really tell he loves getting his pic taken. I am sure when Halloween gets here Pooks won't have a problem wearing his hat.


  2. Those costumes are great! They are super cute in them! :)

  3. What adorable kids..........They look pretty cute and pooks temperment
    changes like the wind so by halloween he will be fine.


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