Thursday, January 28, 2010

in a blogging funk

the last couple of days i've just kinda been in a blogging funk. i'm tired. i figure i'll just write all the crap i'm thinking in my head and call it a post. today i had to go in for blood work to see if my cholesterol has gone down any since my last appt. i hope it has. i have really tried to pay attention to what i'm eating. i started using egg whites for my scrambled eggs, eating only whole grain bread, pasta and cereal. i've upped my water, fruit and veggie intake as well as being a little more active. during the time that bubba is at school, pooks, peanut and i walk around places. the mall, walmart, target, the pet store. walk. walk. walk. i've done a few wii workouts,  i've been taking the medicine that dr.s gave me, i just really hope it's down and stays down. i'm 25 years old for pete's sake, lets get this under control. i won't find out until next week though.

i have to take peanut to the doctor in a few minutes, he's wheezing again. he shows no real signs of having an upper respiratory infection (the usual trigger for wheezing) and we've been using the neubulizer for 3 days now--he's still wheezing. i don't know whats up. the only other thing i noticed was a rash on his chin and neck. i thought it was from teething but we shall see. he's getting so big! in the last 2 days he's started blowing kisses, saying 'yes' while shaking his head up and down and saying 'nuh-nuh-nuh' while shaking his head sideways. he insists on walking, hates being carried and gets so mad if i hold my cup for him to take a sip. he wants to do everything and anything lately. the kids all got their haircuts today and they just look so big! i'll try to post pics later. i need to go wake up the kids to go to the doctors. hopefully they aren't too mad!

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