Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkin patch part 2

okay so today we went back to the pumpkin patch, but with nanaw instead of B.

sidenote: i never blogged about it, but B is washington d.c. for two entire weeks for work. two. weeks. so i've been a "single" mom for one week now and let me tell you, if we didn't live 5 minutes away from my parents, i would have probably lost my mind by now! nanaw and papa are a huge help and the boys just love playing with them. plus it gives me a chance to pee without 3 kids crawling on me!

okay, so where was i? oh yeah. last time it we went much later and after the hayrack ride we didn't have a chance to pick out big pumpkins for carving. so today, that was our goal. of course i had to take my camera and try to get more pictures of the kiddos having fun. after all, we promised nanaw phew phew that we would take LOTS of pics. so here they are. (and yes nanaw, i realize this isn't all of them. blogger is being stupid and taking forever to upload, so this is what you get):
peanut and i
farmer nanaw and turkey pooks
nanaw with all her boys
(and yes, unfortunately this was the best one)
my boys and i on top of the haystack
pooks climbing to the top
bubba claiming that he can't do it
looking JUST like his daddy
bubba driving the tractor
pooks' turn!
he really loved it
of course, peanut needed a turn. however initially he was not happy about nanaw putting him down (spoiled much?!)
"hey wait a sec....this is fun!"
"seriously mom?"
pooks insisted on pulling the wagon
and finally (minus picture of the choosing) we loaded up our pumpkins
while we were there, the weather was wonderful! 65 degrees and a light breeze. by the time we arrived home, it was overcast and gloomy. it was much cooler and we couldn't have timed it better!


  1. Thank You!!!!!!!!!! I had such a fun time with you guys. The boys are so different and unique. As Auntie Michelle would say "crazies" ;)

  2. Great pictures! Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun, especially nanaw!


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