Friday, October 9, 2009

i ♥ fall

i just love it. i love...all of it.

it's perfect jacket weather. sleeping with the windows open, eating soups/stews, football, halloween, the leaves changing colors, hot lattes, baking bread, visiting the pumpkin patch. i mean, what's not to love? if you ignore the fact that it was perfect fall weather but now there is snow if the forecast for sunday and then back in the 60's for next week. yeah, let's ignore that! who doesn't love fall?

B has a four day weekend in honor of columbus day so we took advantage of that today and hit up the pumpkin patch after naps this afternoon. it always gets SO crowded on weekends so this was a great opportunity. while it started out kind of rough, pooks was still pretty tired/whiny from his nap, it ended up being a lot of fun.
this picture means a lot to me. back in 2007 we took bubba and pooks to this same pumpkin patch and they had the same cutout then. you can see that here. but here are all 3 of my little turkeys this year:
after seeing the combine and playing with the cutouts we made our way over to the petting zoo. bubba loved it, pooks hated it. bubba also insisted that i take his picture with the turkey. however, this is the closest he would get to said turkey:
this was still almost too close for pooks, although he loved listening to the ducks!
i ♥ these boys
getting ready for the hayrack ride! (peanut was less than impressed)
here we go! bubba was very excited to watch the tractor but pooks was more comfortable snuggled up next to mom.
the hayrack ride ended at a corn maze. now initially, in previous years this corn maze has been SUPER lame and short, this year however it was like a drunk man designed it. we were in this damn thing for over 30 minutes because we got lost from the group. hmmm, lost in a corn maze with 3 kids...i can think of about a million other things to do with 3 kids that are much easier. finally after cheating and cutting through the corn we made it to the end. whew! just in time too because it was starting to get dark out!
tada! the pumpkin patch. each kiddo picked out 1 pumpkin. both bubba and pooks picked out a pumpkin that was still green (we had to rip them from the vine) but they were very happy with them!
now, note to those of you reading with multiple kids:

1 pumpkin patch + 3 kids - 1 who can't walk + 5 pumpkins = a LOT of stuff to carry

thank goodness that next year we will have 3 walkers!!


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