Thursday, September 17, 2009

what a big boy!

i know, i know lately all my posts have been about how big the boys are getting. well that's because they are. case in point, pooks:

pooks gave up the binky back in april. he turned 2 in may. then, in july he started potty training himself. in august he started sleeping in a twin bed. and now? well for the last two weeks someone has decided that he is much to big to wear a diaper. actually he downright refuses. he has been wearing pull-ups and underwear only. well a week ago we ran out of pull-ups so (following his lead in all this) we switched to underwear. we have pull-ups for bedtime and nap (he usually stays dry during nap...over night, not so much) but even during errands, pooks wears his big boy underwear. so far *knock on wood* we have not had an accident while out and about. we do have accidents at home but i think it's because he gets so busy playing that going potty is an inconvenience.

today was accident free. today pooks even went #2 on the potty (this is only the 3rd time for that!). and while sitting on the potty he insists on ''weading his book''. here is a video (and yes, WARNING! he is on the potty in this video!) of him reading outloud:


  1. Aww, look at the little reader! He's just soooo cu- NO!


    TOO FAR.

    Lock it up.


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