Thursday, September 3, 2009

Morning shenannigans

each morning at approximately 6:47am peanut wakes up. usually we nurse for a bit, then he lays between B and I. he babbles to himself, plays with his puppy, looks out the window, pulls my hair...generally i allow him to do anything as long as he stays quiet, which he usually does.

pooks usually wakes up at 7:15am. he however does not wake so quietly. remember how cute this post was? yeah the whole screaming ''mommy'' thing, has not stopped. (it has stopped being as adorable though!) pooks can't just wake up and quietly look at books or entertain himself. pooks has to wake up, immediately start screaming ''mommy" from the top of his lungs, then walks over the the baby gate where he begins to shake the baby gate until B goes and opens the thing. (sidenote: there is a baby gate on their doorway to assure that neither of the boys wakes at night and goes/trips downstairs) well obviously this racket wakes bubba and by 7:25am i have 3 kids in my room, usually in my bed but this morning peanuts' bed was the top choice.

i'll be honest, i have no clue what they are doing in half of these. bubba and pooks have their own little language; they use made up words that apparently they both know, all the time. only when talking to each other, unless they're calling me a ''bing-bing'' or nanaw a ''gar-ware" (i think that was it?!). they were pretending to hand me something, but what I don't know. (we have some BIG imaginations around here these days!)
peanut was hollering, bubba was saying cheese and pooks was yelling ''swiper no swiping!"
making funny faces
looking somewhat, dare i say normal?
i imagine if he could speak instead of babble he'd be saying "WHAT!?"


  1. Soooo cute! They are always smiling and it looks like they all get along great.


  2. Bubba is acting more and more like his dad everyday...


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