Friday, May 8, 2009

"mommy? mommy?! mommmmyyy!"

this is what i woke up to at 6:58 this morning. i will be honest here, i rolled over and told B to tell them that the sun was still sleeping and so was mommy, that they needed to lay back down. {keep in mind that they didn't go to bed til after 9pm last night}

well, not to anyone's surprise that didn't work. their yelling and playing with each other made peanut realize that the didn't have to go back to sleep either. so by 7:05 B was opening the gate so that bubba could get to the bathroom. and then he went in the boys' room with them, laying in pookie's bed hoping for a few more minutes of sleep while i was laying in our bed nursing peanut.

that's when it hit me. i woke up to someone yelling ''mommmyyyy."

but it wasn't bubba yelling.

which by a simple deduction, made me realize that it was pooks who called me mommy. it was pooks who woke up, not only wanting me but wanting his "mommy" not ''ma" or "mama."

there is a first time for everything people! this is the same little dude that didn't even call me ''mama'' until after his 1st birthday. since that time, he's always called me mama. ALWAYS.

which means that today was officially the first time that he's called me mommy. and i realize that this is a novely that will soon wear off, but for now, i love it. he says it so sweetly and it just melts my heart!

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