Wednesday, July 22, 2009

guess who?

woke up this morning, said ''me go pee" then proceeded to sit on his potty, go pee, stand up and want to wear a PULL-UP? pooks! he's being going potty sometimes, as i mentioned here. yesterday he went 4 times and stayed dry over his nap. but up until this morning he wouldn't wear anything but a diaper. so as he's sitting here eating a bowl of dry lucky charms with a plastic fork because he insists on eating his cereal while watching handy manny and i don't allow milk in the living room, not that i allow him to watch tv while eating either but this is a compromise with a 2 year old he looks like such a big boy in his lightning mcqueen pull-up. because seriously, did you expect anything less than a "Cars" pull-up?

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