Monday, July 14, 2008

pictures, updates, milestones---oh my!

firstoff, we have had a couple of busy days!

on saturday bubba came down with a cold. well its either a cold or allergies. so far we have no green boogies so i don't think its an infection. but needless to say he's been a bit cuddly and he sounds very nasally when he talks. tonight he seemed to be doing better. he is taking his medicine like a pro! you know he doesn't feel good when i say ''bubba come take your medicine for your nose'' and he says ''ahhh" while opening his mouth. this is the child who usually, we have to pin to the ground to take medicine!!

yesterday was the first time that the baby kicked hard enough that I felt it from the outside, when my hand was resting on my belly! i'm almost 1/2 through this pregnancy and overall i feel really good! i can't wait for the ultrasound to find out the gender (only 4 more days!) and obviously, to see that the baby is healthy.

today, for the first time ever, pooks stood up all by himself! he's been walking for a couple weeks now but he usually crawls over to something, pulls himself to stand, then walks. not tonight! we were at the park and (although it was a bit rough) he stood up without any assistance! what a big boy!!

tonight after dinner we took the boys to the park. its been awhile since we've gone because its either been so stinkin' hot or raining. tonight was a perfect 83 degrees and there was plenty of shade. i took my dslr hoping to get some good pics and i did fairly well if i say so myself! here they are, and warning....there are a ton!!
B and Bubba--finally!
bubba just hanging around
pooks on a bouncy pelicanme and my boys...sadly, this was the best pic
the next pictures are in sequence. they are of pooks standing (for the VERY first time)
Step 1: get off of butt

Step 2: try to lift body weight straight up Step 3: correct error from step 2, use HANDS to help lift body up
Step 4: Tada! Stand in time to impress the big kids

okay this next picture, I have to say is my all time favorite picture of the boys together. i'm serious. this pictures will melt the coldest hearts and make you say an audible "Awww". if i had a mantle, this would be on it.

i'm not exaggerating.

not at all.

are you ready??

i mean this could come with a disclosure: "caution, if you are pregnant this picture is so cute it may cause you to weep"

take a deep breath....

now say it will me....''awww''

*tear* they are so damn cute!


  1. They are sooooooooooooooo damn cute. I could just eat them up, I like all the pic's but that last one is adorable. I have to have one so e-mail me the original ,then I can get a big one made.

    Just love them.
    Love nanaw

  2. All the pics are great - and yes, the last one is totally adorable. What great memories and great pics you'll have to share with them as they get older. Loving bro's.


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