Saturday, July 19, 2008

in case you haven't heard....

we are having:

a healthy baby.....

He is measuring right on track and developing perfectly! He has a little 4 chamber heart that was beating away at 155bpm! His kidneys, bladder, bones, spine, etc all looked great. He was moving all around in there! We have decided on a name (well at least a first name...we think!) but as we all know, i don't use/share real names on my blog. but if you want to know, just email me or check out my facebook page!

now that you've seen his view on the inside, here is our view from the outside! 19 weeks!

(ignore the red mark, i walked into the baby gate latch this morning and gave myself a nice bruise)


  1. You were right, he wasn't shy about showing you his bits and parts. There they are in the 3rd picture...loud and clear! So happy for you. We're going to have to get you a girl dog so that you can have a break from all those boys!

  2. You are in the presence of some great males - and to think - you are the one with B's help of course that bring these loving and good looking too boys into the world!


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