Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

so today was father's day...if you're a dad reading this.."Happy Father's Day." unfortunately i didn't get to spend the day with my padre, he is out of state working. i will see him this weekend though, so 'happy father's day' daddy!
speaking of dads, the boys had fun with B today. we actually went 2 hours out of town to my grandma great's 90th birthday party. we hung out with family, B got to eat fried chicken for lunch (i hate fried chicken), then we had cake, sang happy birthday and just relaxed. oh and we got a picture with grandma...a first with all of us there!
when we got back into town, we went used car shopping. B had almost $3k worth of hail damage to his truck, so we're looking at getting a new vehicle for him to drive. i must say, he is pretty excited! after that we came home, he took a little nap then played outside with the boys while i cooked dinner. steak, green beans and roasted potatoes was his choice. if i say so myself, it was delicious!

(no matter how hard i try, i cannot get a pick of b and bubba together, ugh!)

overall it was a good day...oh and tiger tied up the us open so now i'll have something to watch with the kids tomorrow! they love watching golf!


  1. That's a really cute picture of B and pooks!

  2. That's a really cute picture of B and pooks!

  3. Hey there - I'm sure B is very happy to be a father to his two boys...and twins on the way!! Great picture of the two of them! Happy Father's Day B!!


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