The Munchkins

Ryan, aka bubba: the oldest of the brood at 7 years old. He is currently a second grader who loves to draw, read, play t-ball and build with Lego's. Bubba is a natural born people pleaser, gets nothing but good marks in school and loves Italian pizza.
Logan, aka pooks: he is 6 years old, in first grade and Mr.Sensitive, like a big teddy bear. He is too smart for his own good but so adorable you let him get away with it. He has a natural knack for sarcasm and is great with comebacks. He has the biggest brownest puppy dog eyes and knows how to use them. Logan loves to draw and play superheroes, give hugs and leave love notes.

Connor, aka peanut: the youngest brother at 5 years old. He can be sweet and cuddly yet stubborn and demanding. While he is the little one, he doesn't let that stop him from mimicking and following his older brothers. Peanut has reasoning skills well beyond his years and nothing gets passed him. He is shy, hates being tickled more than anything in the world and is our Mr.Grumpy. Connor is very much "you get what you get" and his mood can change often.
Maggie aka sissy: the baby of the group and the only girl. She was born in October 2010 and has been spoiled rotten ever since. She is a total mama's girl, loves to ''help'' with baking, crafting, grocery shopping and anything else where she might get to eat. She loves to show off and entertain and gets in trouble roughly 100 times a day; she is very mischievous.