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Thank you for stopping by our blog. Most pictures, stories and recipes shared on this blog are property to me. I link back and site sources as I know them. NOTE: This is my life, I chose to share it but do not try to steal pictures or claim them as your own.

Curious as to why I use the nicknames? Well when I started blogging (back in 2007) I was a new mom and overall "Mommy Blogging" was new. I wanted to share our life, without exposting too much. I don't want anyone with bad intentions to know where my kids go to school, what their names are, etc. I might mention what big city we live nearest, I might slip up now and then...truth be told I'm not so worried about it now but I do go out of my way to not share too much.

Have a question/comment? E-mail me at: mom2tictacs{at}gmail{dot}com