Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break, Disneyland Paris edition...

We spent Thursday evening, all day Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday morning, in Disneyland Paris. We stayed in a partner hotel which worked out for the convience factor but if I were to do it again, I would stay in the city and take the train in. It was VERY expensive and you didn't really get what you paid for. But, the park was a blast! The kids loved it!




Milestone memories

Sissy you are now 2.5 years old, I can barely believe it!

You are:

  • very much coming out of your shell, developing more and more character and somewhat of a wild one! 
  • loving Minnie Mouse, anything girly like princesses and dolls, My Little Pony, candy and playing with your brothers. 
  • Your speech is improving though baby talk still gets you far, especially with your oldest brother. You have started to sing more and more.
  • completely potty trained, staying dry at night and have started to pick out your own outfits. 
  • now sleeping in a twin bed, and you sleep the entire night through all by yourself.
The morning of your half birthday, we left for PARIS so it's sometimes hard to believe all the places you have been at your young age.

I never got your 29 month picture posted, but I did take one...

Happy 7th Birthday Bubba!

I'm reallllly behind on blogging. Mostly my fault but partly bloggers as it's been a pair in the butt to upload pictures to lately. Anywho, mid March we celebrated Bubba's 7th Birthday. He is over the top into Lego's right now so Lego themed is what we had. It was all very homemade/Pinterest inspired.This is the first party where we didn't cook out or do pizza or cater. We had snacks and a small party as we were leaving for Paris a week later so we were saving up. It worked out really well and the kids could have cared less.

For his birthday all he really really wanted was a camera so he could take ''real'' pictures. He was VERY excited that he got it and the big lego set he wanted. I know it's not all about the gifts but when the price is right and you're able to do both, man is that smile worth it!