Thursday, September 5, 2013

So dang busy! (In other words: the post where Shannon rambles)

I know that I have neglected to update my blog and I'm sure my readers (all two of you, ha!) have noticed...but man, moving doesn't really get any easier! Kids are bigger and get bored easier, sleep less and eat more. Laundry still piles up, buying a house means a whole new list of things to do, add in doing it all in a new city while living in a hotel with two dogs and I'm wiped by 9pm! We've done everything there is/was to do regarding the we wait until Closing Day to get the keys. Which is 14 days away!

Today I ordered a refrigerator and scheduled delivery...pretty exciting life this whole "I'm a grown up now" routine. The good news is our unaccompanied baggage, is here and will be delivered on closing day! That's a bunch of clothes, the kids movies and Xbox, the basic cooking supplies, dog kennels, books and our bed/bath linens. Still no word on our van or our actual household goods but we are at the 4 week mark now and it's 6-8 weeks for those so it can't be too much longer! And we managed to find a vehicle for B...he's the proud new owner of a {used} Dodge Durango. Fulfills his need for a "truck" yet seats seven so if we need to, it can fit all of us easily.

Kids are doing well. Ryan and Logan absolutely love their new school/classes/teachers. They've been in school for two weeks now. Nothing but rave reviews about all of it...even the lunches are better! I am very happy with the communication, pick up/drop off procedures and do not have a single complaint (which isn't easy for this mama bear!).

I can't believe they are in 2nd and 1st grade now! Next year Connor heads to kindergarten, it's so cliche but they really do grow up so fast!

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