Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's about that time...

In one week, the packers will be here which means two things: I am in serious "purge/de-clutter/trash all the junk" mode and "make a list for everything" mode.

Last night, Ron and I tackled the lovely Government loaned wardrobes and purged our closets of anything we haven't worn in 6mos-1year. The result was 3 boxes of clothes for donation! My wardrobe has always been pretty as a stay at home mom doesn't require much but geez it's crazy to see the wardrobe so empty! But it feels good to have gone through it all!

Today the kids went through all the shelves/bins in their room and we came up with another box for donation of just toys. A BIG box of toys. And I was super proud of them, they didn't choose all the baby toys and happy meal toys (well those were donated too) but they donated "real" toys. Thomas the tank Engine, Lightning McQueen, an outdoor ride-on, Slinky Dog and Lotso Bear...even stuffed animals (which for my little hoarders is saying something). Add to this that I never once told them what to give; just that there were kids here who had no toys and mentioned that since they get new toys every Birthday, Christmas and anytime their Nanaw sends a package, maybe they could find some toys that they don't play with any more. There wasn't a single hesitation. I felt so warm and fuzzy as that box filled up!!

Add that toy box to the other five boxes (linens, shoes, miscellaneous items, baby stuff, kids clothes) and I'm really thankful that the Red Cross comes to your home to pick up donations!

This weekend we will go through and pick out what will go in our luggage, Monday they will come and pick up the wardrobes, Tuesday and Wednesday they pack the house and Thursday they load the truck. By Next Monday we'll do the walk thru and turn in the keys, then ship the van. Crazy to think we only have 21 days left in Italy!

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