Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take me out to the ball game...

This year, Bubba and Pooks are {finally} old enough to play T-Ball and they had the want to play so I signed them up on the first day that sign up opened. 
And lucky for them, mom voluteered (well, I kinda got suckered in) to coaching. They would put the boys and their friends all on the same team...if one of the parents agreed to coach. Overall, it's been fun. We're only a month into now and while there have been a few tears shed, they've all come from my own (overly tired, overly sensitive) kid. I love Pooks but man oh man can he be a challenge!

We have one practice and one game each week, these pics are all from the first two games. B has played wrangler to the younger kids as well as photographer...
 It is red-robin play (all the kids bat, then we switch) so there is no winning or losing team, it's all about teaching the fundamentals and how to play on a team. The first game no matter where the ball was hit while we were fielding, 9 out of 12 kids all ran for it. We're working on it, but everyone is happy and getting along, so I call that a win!

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