Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sissy's first haircut

So all of the boys got their first haircut around a year old, all cut by the fabulous Mandy who was my hair stylist for 10+ years.
 And little Peanut:

(Bubba too but I don't have photos that old on the blog to pull from...)

But then we had Sissy, and she turned a year old in Texas and had very little hair to cut.
Then we moved to Italy, where sadly, Mandy is not available. For months I've been saying "Sissy needs a haircut'' and then letting it go because I just didn't know where to take her. I have an Italian hair stylist whom I love, but his English is so-so and I don't know how to explain that this is her FIRST haircut, ever. So I procrastinated.

In the mean time it's grown to lengths such as this:
It's getting long, but it's getting rough. Really dry damaged ends, and the longer it gets, the more the curls seem to get weighed down and lose their springy-ness. I bought tear-free Paul Mitchell shampoo thinking it would help, we've used the detangler as well and while it's easier to comb when wet, it was still drying looking rough. She was waking with some pretty serious bedhead.
So obviously when you wake with that kind of hair, it takes a while to comb out. And it takes a while to  comb through and wash on bath nights. Lately Sissy has been wearing her hair in pony tails or pig tails damn near every single day because it's just not manageable.

Well on Friday night, I took the plunge. She was in the tub and I was trying to get the hair elastic out and it was a nightmare. It was stuck in her ends, she was hollering, I was trying to rip the rubber elastic band and when I finally broke the loop, it was still wrapped up in a lot of hair. So I took it as a sign and that night after her bath, I cut it out. I combed her hair several times, pulled it back into a low ponytail, tied it with an elastic. Combed out the pony tail and put in another elastic about 2-3 inches up from the bottom of her hair. While she watched Backyardigan's on my iphone, I chopped it off up to that elastic 'marker'. Then I combed it out, angled in the front pieces and made sure it was all even. After that we blow dried with the diffuser attachment to get rid of the loose hair, see just how short it would be when dry...
Now granted, it's split into two at the top and ''topsy-turvy''-ed into little pigtails, but the ends are SO much softer. It's much faster to comb through and she LOVES it. And the boys aren't complaining either, ha!

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