Monday, May 20, 2013

Michelle + Cinque Terre + Mother's Day = One of the best days ever!

Okay, so on Sunday we headed up the coast from Pisa to Cinque Terre. What a wonderful place to spend Mother's Day! 

Cinque Terre was on my ''must do'' list when I found out we were going to Italy. In fact, I pinned it on Pinterest before we even got here.
So clearly I was excited to see it with my own eyes. And we were not disappointed at all. I will say the above photo is severely enhanced...It's beautiful and the buildings are really colorful but unless this photo was taken on the day the buildings were painted, they are not that vivid.

So we drove from our hotel to the town of La Spezia, where we parked at the train station. We then took the train to Cinque Terre (which is actually 5 cities).
You start in this bustling train station/city and the train goes through these dark tunnels, until suddenly you get peeks of the sea like this:
It really is gorgeous (this pic was taken from the train, through a window). We rode the train to the 5th city, Monterosso, first. There we ate lunch and took LOTS of photos.
 It is really so, so colorful and just goregous. Like nowhere else that I have ever been. We ate lunch then waded into the water because the kids wanted to be on that beach like nobody's business. The water was cold, I was shocked to see swimmers actually in the waves but there were definitely a lot of people enjoying it!
*Best Mother's Day* (at least thus far!)
So funny story...we took the photos of the kids loving the water and then let them search for shells and sea glass while we (the adults) took more photos. 
 So I'm standing with my back to the sea, Sissy is in front of me, Bubba and Pooks are beside me and Peanut is caddy corner to my left. We're in water no deeper than six inches. B is up on the beach, not in the water at all and Michelle is nearest Sissy, still in the water though and she was on the sand. All of the sudden this wave comes up and I say ''Move guys, wave is coming''and look back at Peanut as he is in the deepest water. The wave crashes his legs, he wavers but doesn't fall. Bubba and Pooks are fine. Poor Sissy, who wasn't even in the water, got caught completely off guard and fell face first into a small amount of water and a whole lot of sand. She was fine! No drowning scare or anything. She immeidately got up...and bawled. Everyone on the beach was laughing, because it was funny and she was fine but she was not happy. Her pants were soaked, her shirt was soaked, she had sand in her ears. She was a mess. So we had no choice but to strip her down to her undies (also wet but not coming off) and have her stay like that while we found a clothing shop or souvenior shop that sold a dress or swimsuit cover in her size.

And the really funny part? She LOVED being over1/2 naked. Strutting her stuff in her converse shoes up the walkway in nothing but her Minnie Mouse undies. So hence the family photo with her naked...
We managed to find a dress for her in the 3rd shop we stopped at. It was hideous and too big, but better than naked. We had no way of airing out her other clothes (I tried a hand dryer in a dice).
 I'm really not sure which is worse. The dress is tied in the back with a hair tie so her tiny boobies wouldn't show, it's bedazzled on the front with dolphins and reads 'Cinque Terre'. The worse part? She LOVED it.
 This week B and I will have been married NINE years. That seems insane. Add in the fact that we are spending our 9th wedding anniversary in Italy and it's practically unbelieveable!

So after the water fiasco, we were running short on time. We had to be back at 7:30pm to pick the dogs up from the sitter, so we had to leave CT by 4pm at the very latest. It was evident we weren't going to see all 5 towns. Add in that the forecast was calling for storms and we didn't really have a moment to waste. We opted to ride the train back to Manarola and had planned on walking the Via Dell'Amore (Love Walk) from Manarola to the first town of Riomaggiore. Well we got to Manarola and the walk was closed due to too much rainfall. But, Manarola was so gorgeous, I don't feel like we missed anything!
 And the views were a picture from a book or travel magazine!
Don't fret, I took a ton!

 After taking in the views, we made our way back down, then up the hill in town and back to the train station.
 It was a wonderful experience! While we didn't make it to all 5 towns, I feel extrememly fortunate to visit the two that we did spend time in. And we left in the nick of time. As soon as we left La Spezia, it started downpouring. Thunder, lightning, the works.

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