Friday, March 8, 2013

So far behind, I won't even try to catch up...Let's talk Paris instead!

A "Not so Happy" Valentine's Day

It's been pointed out to me by nanaw that I haven't blogged ''in forever.''
And to that I say, you're right!

I blog for several reasons:

  • as a journal for myself and my kids. I try to ''keep it real". I want to be able to look back (or for my children to be able to look back) and see what we were doing, what things were like, where we went, how I handled it, how they behaved and what life was truly like. How we lived.
  • as a way for our friends and family to keep up with what we're doing, how the kids are growing and what adventures we have gone on. We live FAR away from everyone and while Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, I can't write out silly stories or post details to each and every photo.
  • to vent, to ramble, to ''let it go'' and to share my opinions on things people may or may not care about but I feel better talking about.
Lately we haven't really gone anywhere as we're planning, saving, and spending in advance for Paris. We've booked Disney and our apartment; our time to visit the tip-top of the Eiffel tower has been reserved and paid for. I have been using my crafty-frugal side to make shirts to wear at Disneyland that don't cost €25 each...

coming up with items for the kids' busy bags and little trinkets and surprises for them. I want this to be the trip of a lifetime, without costing even more than it has too. So I made little sketchbooks for them, ordered small stuffed Disney character plushes to surprise them with, got them each a small Mickey/Minnie drawstring backpack and I'm working on figuring out easy portable snacks that won't get crushed, spoil or be too heavy for them to carry. It's going to be a lot of fun, I have no doubt but if I can reduce the ''Can we go in the gift shop...PLEEEASE?" and the "I'm hungry!" instances, even better. 

For Valentine's day, I always make sure the kids get a little something from B and I. This year rather than chocolate or fun new placemats from Target, I ordered each of the kids a book that takes place or is about Paris. I want them them to be excited to see the city and not just Disney. So evenings are spent reading MadelineEloise goes to Paris, This is Paris and Everybody Bonjours! It's really neat to hear your seven year old say things like "That's Notre Dame Cathedral, we're going to go there and it's by the river" or have a certain four year old through a fit because he can't find his book ''with the Idle {Eiffel} Tower" in it. Some nights we let the kids eat dinner in the living room and we watch a Disney movie that they haven't seen or don't remember. Last night was The Princess and The Frog. The kids don't know it yet, but I heard a rumor that the Easter bunny will be bringing each kiddo a Disney movie as well. 

So yes, we did some amazingly cool things and saw neat sights with Nanaw and Papa back in August, and yes the kids are cute and they are doing things now. I simply cannot keep up with everything. If I continue to post about things that happened last August, I can't post about things that happened about last week. I start to feel overwhelmed. And as much as I enjoy blogging about life, I also enjoy living it. Which means sometimes after a day of running errands, volunteering, cleaning, cooking, taxi driving, practices and games, and doctors appointments...I'd rather curl up with B and watch The Biggest Loser or The Amazing Race, than blog. We're still here, we're still kicking and I'm pretty sure that 90% of the people who read this, keep in touch on Facebook as well where I frequently share pics {as my iPhone is usually glued to my hand throughout the day}.