Tuesday, February 12, 2013

28 Months old....

Sissy, you sure are getting big! Not much has changed since last month, you do seem taller and you're definitely talking more and I feel like everyday I think ''She is getting SO big.'' ♥

Right now you:

  • weigh 23lbs and you are 35 inches tall. You were 33.5 at your 2 year check up. Half a pound and an inch and a half in height is just four months
  • usually pick out your own clothes...I try to reason with you but some days you just need to wear purple boots with a pink and black dress, I guess.
  • you are talking more and more and singing. You {attempt} to sing everything. ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Bringing home a baby bumblebee and then "We are Young" by Fun. (hey, I can't listen to kids' music all the time).
  • are able to sit still for much longer. I can french braid your hair into two braids and you don't squirm all over anymore. 
  • love to watch and help me cook/bake. You are my little helper!

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