Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sissy at 2 years and 3 months you are...

  • talking more and more. Saying things like ''Connor is mean'' or ''Stop it!" to your brothers, telling me ''Night Night Mommy, Love you" at bedtime or screaming ''NANNY" when you hear me on the computer talking to Nanaw.
  • becoming more independent. We hear a lot of ''Me do!" or "I yelp{help}". You can put your undies, pants, and boots on all by yourself, as well as take them off. You can zip and unzip your jacket and when getting buckled into your carseat, you buckle the top all by yourself as well.
  • eating better. You've recently decided that you like ranch dip so carrot sticks and celery are sure eats for you. You love milk, cheese, yogurt. You can dispense water into your own cup using our Culligan water tank and you love to eat noodles using training chopsticks. Favorite foods right now are: Lucky Charms, pretzels, baby carrots, clementines, chocolate milk and breakfast food.
  • you are now jumping, with both feet actually leaving the ground. This amuses you immensely and you often jump wherever you are going in the house. 
  • haven't grown much in the last three months, you still weigh in at 22.5lbs. Your 2T clothes fit better though, so I'm guessing you have grown in height!
  • are slowly phasing out of your afternoon nap. Only about every other day do you actually sleep but you'll lay in bed for about an hour each afternoon either looking at books or playing your Leapster. 

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