Friday, January 25, 2013

My little artist(s)

Before winter break, Pooks came home from school with a paper explaining the PTA Reflections Art Program. (If you google it, it'll come right up...I yam blogging on my phone). Basically Mrs. T thinks that Pooks is a great artist who obviously loves to draw and color and she suggested that over the break, he draw something to submit to the program. The theme this year is •The Magic of the Moment• and I explained to Pooks that if he wanted to submit a picture, he should think of something or someplace that is magical to him. He said okay and days past, nothing else was said.

One evening I was prepping dinner when Pooks came in, handed me a picture and said "here is a picture for that contest. It's the leaning tower. It leans and leans but never's magic!" So I wrote down what he said and put it in his backpack to return to school. Mrs T. submitted it for us and we sorta forgot about it.

But today, we received an email. His artwork placed first in his grade level and its now going on to the next level, the European PTA Reflections, where it will be judged yet again...this time against all the other Primary level entries. He was SO excited and immediately ran off to tell his brothers. We had to go to the school to fill out the submission form for the European program, so I took that moment to snap a picture of him with his artwork. Doesn't he just look so proud of himself??
I just love his perspective on the subjects he draws. He's a lefty and I don't know if that makes a difference but I just love his art. Here is a picture he drew before Christmas, it's Rudolph pulling Santa in his sleigh. You have to look at it as Rudolph being head on and you'll see Santa, drawn smaller, behind him.

Here is a picture he drew at the beginning of the year, It's a rockstar singer with blue spikey hair...

And dinosaurs are pretty common:

Here is a picture he drew for me, it's a pizza and a glass of wine.

Not to leave his brothers out, here are some drawings from the notepad Bubba keeps in his backpack. He draws on the school bus to and from school each day. His are also very good and very unique, if I say so myself.

Here is a rockstar dinosaur:

This is us in Venice. I'm walking with the boys, B and Sissy are riding in a Gondola:

Here is an assignment from school:
Peanut gets in on the action too:
(I helped draw the pigeon with him) That's the Bus from the Pigeon book series by Mo Willems. 

Heck, Sissy *just* turned two and when she colors, she is doing a great job of staying inside of the lines and using correct colors:

They might not be the fastest or the most athletic, but they sure are creative and I couldn't be more proud :D


  1. Love them! thanks for sharing. daD

  2. They are all very gifted in the arts ! Nanaw is so proud !


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