Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Are you Curious to see who turned 4??

So Peanut is my easy-going child, I've said that before. But when the kid decided back in May to have a Curious George Birthday party, I loved him for it. I was able to get all the plates/cups/napkins on clearance. I had MONTHS to think about the little things. Now granted, while the party turned out just how I wanted it to (well, minus helium balloons) I didn't have a chance to take the all the photos that I wanted. Not that it matters, my little man had a BLAST and that's all that matters :)

First, we sent the above invites. I designed them myself ( gotta love free) and after talking to Peanut we decided we wanted to try a breakfast/pajama party. I was tired of the hamburger/hotdog/pizza parties and he loved the idea of pajamas and a movie. Plus having a party where the guests are gone by 1pm and all people involved still have 1/2 the day to do whatever they want...score!
Tables set up in living room and playroom.
 Food table and book display in kitchen. The kids helped me find props to match the books (Curious George and the Aquarium= Penguin, Curious George Rides a Train= the thomas train, etc) This isn't even 1/2 the food as some was still in the oven. All together there was: cinnamon rolls, cereal, bacon, blueberry pancakes, yogurt parfait bar, an egg and ham bake (in crockpot), bananas, baked french toast, Sunny D, Yoohoo for the kids' drinks, Coffee k-cups and Milk (in glass bottles) for the adults.

 We watched the Curious George movie for a bit but the kids didn't want to sit still for very long. We ended up turning on the Xbox Kinect and they all LOVED that. It was a crowded living room but they were all jumping around. We settled down an ate, then opened presents.

 Then it was time for cupcakes and pinata!

 Peanut had so much fun with his friends. His friends seemed have all had a great time and the parents all thought the idea of a pajama/breakfast party was great. It really was easy to pull off, fun and to be honest...cheaper! Eggs, pancake mix, texas toast...all easy peasy on the grocery bill!

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  1. love the party! breakfast is such a great idea. Dane has his heart set on a curious george party for his 4th as well!


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