Thursday, December 6, 2012

26 months...

Well Sissy you are now 26 months.  While I never really thought about when I would stop doing these monthly updates, it seems crazy that I've now done 26 of them! I think once you hit 3 I will stop. I feel like right now (and up until now) you are learning and doing so much, so quickly and it's going to be nice to look back and remember when you started to do certain things. You change in looks a little bit each month and I think it's neat to see those changes little changes add up to the years...

 I really feel like what a child looks like at three is pretty much what they're going to look like their whole life, so I have decided for now, to keep going. So at 26 months you are:

  • COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED! WooHoo!! You were hands down the easiest kid to train as I didn't train you. You've had a potty a the house for months, which you occasional sat on. At daycare, once you turn 2 they start taking you to the potty before your diaper change. You saw your 3 year old friend use the potty and wanted to be a 'Big Girl' like you did. You started holding it all night, peeing on the potty first thing when you woke up and then using it all day, staying dry. During naps, overnight, while out in stay dry. You will tell me, Daddy, the daycare teachers ''I go pee pee in potty" and you can hold it for awhile until we get to the nearest one. This started the Tuesday the Sunday the 25th and I'll calling it today, "You are potty trained'' when you pooped in the real potty for the first time. It's crazy to think I don't need to buy diapers anymore. You never went through a whole package of pull ups (though I will probably use out the pack and keep one on you at night just in case). 
  •  infatuated with babies. Dolls, real babies, babies in catalogs, pictures of babies. You love them.
  • weighing 22.5lbs, wearing mostly 2T stuff (pants I have to roll the waist or take in the seam), and size 6 shoes.
  • love wearing dresses and bows. Sit mostly still while I do your hair (usually in pig tails).
  • are talking more often and clearer than you were even a month ago. You're turning in to quite the little parrot!
  • still happily sleeping in your crib. All of your brothers were in toddler beds or a twin bed by this age but you love your crib. You have never once tried to climb out. You wake in the morning and yell ''Mommy? I uppy!" and we get you out.
And that's what you're up to at 26 months!

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