Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life is crazy right now

Well, to be honest, when isn't my life a little crazy? But it seems to be even more nuts than usual. With the new dynamic of two in school, two to wake up in the morning, two tired ''school aged'' kids getting off the bus....I'm feeling it. Then the little two go to daycare on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; both are on the ''part time preschool'' wait list for their ages but to get them ready for the routine they go for four hours, twice a week. This time allows me to volunteer at the elementary school for 1.5 hours each Tuesday/Thursday, to run any errands, to grocery shop in peace and quiet and then once a week I try to eat a nice lunch with B or Amy...kid free time which I have desperately been needing.

I love my little Rugrats. But, they aren't quite as little as they used to be. Now they are big Rugrats with their own plans/wants and they can communicate (ie, SCREAM) those wants, all at the same and it tends to get overwhelming. Add in regular housework, doctor appointments, cooking dinner, helping with homework, driving back and forth, laying out clothes for the next day plus the fun stuff like building with legos, coloring, getting gelato...it keeps a gal busy! Then we have Sissy who will be turning two years old in a week; and that means a party to plan and host, which I love doing but it's one ''extra'' thing to squeeze in an already busy schedule.

So I just wanted to pop in and say that I have not forgotten about this little blog of mine and I hope to have a real update soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have a first grader and a kindergartner!

Labor day weekend brought big changes to our little household: the ''big'' kids are now back in school! Bubba actually started before Pooks (while they go to the same school) the kindergartners start a week later than everyone else. During that week we had Kindergarten orientation and then a ''home meeting'' with his teacher. I love the concept! It's so she can meet with the kids on a one to one, face to face meeting and get to know them. Their home life (names and how many siblings, any pets) how they read/write/draw, what they want to learn this year, etc. Pooks loved having her over and when the first day of school did arrive, he wasn't nervous!

Here was Bubba on his first day...
obligatory photo with mom before leaving the house
 And there he goes....my official First Grader! He didn't even look back. He was very excited that several of his friends were in his class this year and he was ready. No tears, not even a good-bye hug. So mature!
And one week later, it was Pooks' turn. We actually missed the bus so I had to drive them to school and was able to take a few more pics...
We did his stats the same day as Bubba's (Pooks' orientation) hence the different outfit below...

He did AWESOME! I got him all dropped off with his class and the parent's say goodbye as a group to all the classes, while still outside. As much as I missed walking him to his classroom and getting him settled (like I did with Bubba in kindergarten) this was much easier emotionally on everyone involved. There were no tears y'all!

So the next day, we made sure to HURRY and we got to the bus with a few minutes to spare. He was so stinkin' excited to ride that bus:
 So there you have it, my two big school aged boys!

Oh and my BFF Amy, volunteered in the Kindergarten class that first day so she took some of Pooks, just to reassure me that he was fine and doing great...
He got to be the Reporter for the Day.
Eating his first ever School Lunch!

Friday, September 7, 2012

My computer is fixed and, Sissy is 23 months old!!

My computer parts arrived just in time for Sissy's monthly photos. This month Sissy is now 23 months old! At 23 months you.....

  • weigh 20.5 lbs, wears a size 18mos clothing, a size 6 shoe and a size 3 in diapers. You seem to get taller and taller each day. Right now you are 33 inches tall. At a year old, you were 29inches...you grew 4 inches in 11 months but only gained 2 pounds. No wonder you went from a size 4 diaper, back to a size 3...you lost what little bit of chubby you had! And shopping for you is difficult...Waist wise you can fit into 9 and 12 month stuff, but lengthwise you need 18mos if not 24 months. Hence why you wear a LOT of skirts, leggings and dresses; jeans are hard to fit. 
  • enjoy the freedom of walking at the store now. You rarely sit in the cart, you'd rather hold on to the side and walk with me. Most of the time you do great!
  • finally, after 23 loooooong months, you quit breastfeeding! I was surprised at how easily you were able to stop; you saw a friend nurse her newborn baby and said ''boobies for babies?" and I said ''Yep, boobie milk is for babies. Big girls drink milk in a cup" and ever since then, you've given it up!
  • are learning your colors. So far you can say and identify: yellow, blue, pink, purple and green. 
  • love to dress yourself. You can pull on/take off diaper covers, underwear and pants by yourself. You can take dresses off but not on.
  • love to draw. You can draw straight lines as well as circles and when asked to draw one, you do so correctly.
  • clear your own plate after dinner. You'll even throw your napkin in the trash, dump the food in the specific bin (we have to seperate ''humid'' waste) and put your plate in the sink. 
You really are turning into such a big girl and no longer our little baby, it's a mixed blessing!